Yandex Design School
General thoughts:
  • Visual language of brand as important as logotype
  • You can't start design from grid. First of all you need to understand what blocks do you have, their characteristics and connection
  • It can be many grids in one project, because there are a lot of totally different functions can be
  • Micro-animation makes interface alive, macro-animation sells
  • Test and measure as much as possible
  • Paper prototypes are useless
  • Presentations of ideas, features and product are extremely important (even internals)
  • Design is need to be explained for a good implementation

Testing principles of Alex Osterwalder:

  • Evidence trumps opinion
  • Make more experiments
  • Details are not important in the beginning
  • Experiments ≠ reality
  • Balance learnings and vision
  • Identify killer features
  • Understand customers first
  • Make it measurable and compatible
  • Accept that not all facts are equal
  • Test irreversible decisions twice as much

Remember during testing:
  • People don't tell true
  • Peoples behaviour depends of knowledge that they are watched

You can see lectures (in Russian) from Yandex Design School on the YouTube channel (new videos are still appearing)
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