Kostya Gorsky
Kostya is ex-lead designer of Yandex, now he works in Intercom company. We have talked about design at lunch. Here are some thoughts that I don't want to forget.

Design Quality

They are two ways to check your design quality. First is ask more experienced designers. Second is to check usage statistics.

It is extremely important for designers and developers to work in one place. This is the only way to make a high quality product.

Product Development

There are three roles in product development team:
  • Manager (his aim is to make a product that people need, as quick as possible)
  • Designer (his aim is to make a beautiful product that people will like)
  • Developer (his aim is to make product work)

All of these people have different aims, in whose compromise a good product can be created.

Polished Design

Product always can be improved, the important thing is to remember about rivals. They can release product first and attract the largest part of users. So you will lose because of being late. From the other point of view, their product can be too raw for users. So you will win because of better product. It's important to release in right time.

Designers & Developers

Good developers usually have good design ideas. That is why designers always must be in dialogue with developers. Ideal case is when designers can code and understand technical restrictions. And when developers know why design is important.

Version Control

There is no git for designers yet. Every team invent it's own version control system solution and non of them is perfect. In case of many products the problem becomes even bigger.

Product Redesign

Constant updating of different parts of product is common practice. After some time changes become so much that the only way is full redesign of product. Sadly it's a very expensive procedure.

BTW Kostya strongly recommended to read Intercom Blog.
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